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Ice Blizzard, provides best pod systems and disposable vapes to vapers.
What Makes a Disposable Vape the Best?
Flavor, always flavor.
founded in 2019, we own our private CNAS labs to focus on how to control minimum flavor loss and recover the e-liquid the best.

What Makes a Pod System the Best?
Easy, simple, and hassle-free.
We provide open system pod vapes(Magic Cute) and closed system pod vapes(SUPER V), more products would be coming soon...
Delivers great flavors – High quality coils and E-liquid.
Easy to use – people who have never used a vape before can get their hands on quickly.
No leakage – leakage can be a big trouble for a pod system vape and we don’t any of the leaked e-liquid to mess with our stuffs.

ICE-BLIZZARD SUPER-V Closed-System Pod Device - Rose Gold
-17 %
SUPER V pod system is the most recommended closed-system product from ICE BLIZZARD. It presents an all-in-one pod system featuring an integrated 400mAh rechargeable battery and a rich flavor ecosystem with prefilled 2ml Pod cartridges. SUPER V implements a minimalist design with high-quality impress..
$24.99 $29.99
Ex Tax:$24.99
2 Pieces Metal Necklace with 4 Silicone Anti-Slip Rubber Ring 2 Pieces Metal Necklace with 4 Silicone Anti-Slip Rubber Ring
-65 %
Model: PJ-VAPE01
Specifications:Material: Stainless Steel + RubberNecklace Diameter: 80cmSmall Rubber Ring: Inner Diameter:13mm, Outer Diameter:17mm, Width:6mmBig Rubber Ring: Inner Diameter:20mm, Outer Diameter:24mm, Width:7mmPackage Included:2 x Metal Necklace2 x Big Rubber Ring2 x Small Rubber Ring..
$6.99 $19.99
Ex Tax:$6.99
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